With the increase in awareness that people are having on what they eat in their daily life, it is important that we take responsibility of what we eat ourselves and keep our self healthy.

People nowadays are curious to know what the ingredients inside something they eat are. This is because of the rise in the number of cases where people fall ill or catch severe diseases due to their lifestyle and food.

Cancer is one such disease that sucks the life out of anyone who gets it. It is important that we make sure we eat only healthy stuff as one of the major causing factors of Cancer is our lifestyle and our diet.

In this post I will be listing down 12 Cancer causing food substitutes that you can start using TODAY itself in order to have a healthy life!

Microwave Popcorn


Popcorn is something that each and every one of us like. How convenient is it to just put in those instant popcorn bags inside microwave and listen to those kernels pop. But have you ever thought or looked at what these companies put inside these popcorn bags?

Most companies use Soybean Oil as the lubricating agent inside the popcorn bags. You will also find preservatives like Propyl Galatea that is known to cause skin rashes as well as stomach related problems. You are not even sure if these companies are using organic Corn for these popcorn packets. With such a huge demand for these instant food, it is easy for these companies to use inorganic corn inside these packets.

To be honest, it is really easy to make popcorn the traditional way. All you need is a pan along with some coconut oil and your popcorn will be ready in no time.

Canned Tomatoes

Open Can of Tomatoes

Open Can of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are acidic fruits and when they are stored and packed inside a can, it is easy for the acid to dissolve the BPA from the lining of the can. There is no check on how high the level of BPA can be and hence it is really unsafe to feed these tomatoes to children.

It is always suggested that you buy and use fresh tomatoes. This not only enhances the taste of food you are making, but it is also a healthier and a fresher option. You can also go ahead and use the glass bottled tomatoes if you don’t have the time to use fresh ones.

Choose and Eat Organic Food


Did you know that the sewage waste in USA is used as fertilizers in the fields of farms? Ever thought how harmful that can be for us and especially our children?

Not only that but many conventional food items are grown with the help of various different chemicals as well as hormones so that they will be able to grow bigger units of these vegetables and fruits.

It is an intelligent choice that you choose and pick from the Organic food options to be on the safe side.

Processed Meat


Processed Meat is known to have several different preservatives and chemicals. One of the many chemicals is the Sodium Nitrate which enhances the look of the meat to make it look fresh. Smoked meat also picks up dangerous agents like tar from the smoke.

Try using veggies whenever you can and if you really want to go via the meaty way, then I suggest you get some fresh meat.

Farmed Salmon


Salmon is one of the best tasting fishes we could ever have. But it is a common misconception that farmed Salmon is just as good as the wild ones. Keep in mind that the sweet red color of the wild Salmon meat comes from the natural diet that they get in nature.

But farmed Salmon are fed with a diet of Chicken litter. Tests have also confirmed that farmed Salmons contain a high levels of PCB’s, mercury, and cancer causing dioxins.

It is wise that you buy wild Salmon the next time you go to the supermarket. Wild Salmon is more expensive as compared to farmed ones but the price is totally worth it.

Potato Chips & French Fries


Both Potato Chips as well as French Fries are two most consumed snacks people eat. But keep in mind that Potato chips come packed in variety of preservatives. When Potato chips are fried at high temperatures, they produce carcinogens like Acrylamide which is also found in cigarettes.

Same is the case with French fries. Especially the ones that come packed inside those packets. These preservatives are really harmful for our body. What you can do to substitute in your day to day life is, have those baked potato chips to eat as your snacks and in my opinion, tortilla chips are pretty good alternatives for potato chips.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils


There are all kinds of vegetable oil that we use in our day to day lives and keep in mind that these oils contain Omega-6 fatty acids. These acids are not only responsible for causing heart diseases, but in many cases people get cancer because of these elements.

Hydrogenated oils are mainly used in food that are preserved. These oils also contain chemicals that make the food look appealing for a long period of time. These chemicals also influence out cell’s structure which is also linked to why Cancer is caused.

To replace hydrogenated oils from your daily life, you can use Olive Oil – Extra virgin as it is the lesser processed version. You can also try using Coconut oil as it stands as a great replacement for oil in day to day life.

Soda Pops & Fizzy Drinks


Did you know that people who drink one soda per day have a higher chance of having a stroke as compared to people who don’t drink soda or other fizzy drinks? We are not claiming this, this was actually reported by American Journal of Nutrition.

Soda causes many diseases and ailments like the gastro-esophageal reflux disease. This happens when the stomach contents leak onto the esophagus and this not only causes pain but the esophagus is burned by the acid from inside the stomach which causes ulcers.

You can replace soda from your day to day life by trying other drinks like lemonades, iced tea and even coffee in limited amounts.

White Flour



White Flour is highly processed and has high levels of glycemic. This not only increases the insulin levels but also messes with blood sugar in your body. This boosts the symptom of cancer as cancer cells are directly fed by Sugar in your blood stream.

Instead of White Flour you can try options like Almond Flour which is non-grainy and also contains all the nutrients like proteins and health fats. Quinoa Flour is also a good choice as it has all the important nutrients like important amino acids and many others.



GMOs in excess usages can boost the causes of cancer and almost all grains are grown via GMOs. Grains like Soybeans, Wheat, Corn etc. come in this category. Only way to check for GMO right now is to check on the labels of food items we purchase.

It is important that we stay away from GMO if you really want to dodge cancer and its effect.

Artificial Sweeteners


As I mentioned in the post, Cancer cells feed on fructose rich sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Sweeteners. All the readily available food items like Cakes, cookies, sodas, sauces etc. have high amount of HCFS and we now see why the case of cancer is on the rise nowadays.

Honey is one of the best alternatives of HCFS and even white and table sugar is healthy for you.

Diet Food


You might not have imagined but food items that come in the category of diet food also cause cancer. Mainly the food labeled with “diet food” or “low fat” in particular. Reason for this is that almost all diet food items are heavily processed with artificial coloring and flavors to make them look and taste better.

It is obvious that one should always stay away from these packaged diet foods and also just stick to a more natural category of food items if you really want to go on a diet.