In 2012, Ann Cameron was diagnosed with colon cancer. She decided not to take up chemotherapy as it didn’t work for her husband who passed away in 2005. Six months after her diagnosis, her cancer spread to her lungs and reached 4th phase.

She came across a story of a man who overcame skin cancer by consuming about 2 ½ kgs of carrot juice a day and decided to try it out. 8 weeks after a glass a day, her tumor stopped spreading and lymph glands began to shrink. 4 months later, her tumors started withdrawing and 8 months later a medical check revealed that there was no trace of cancer.

Carrots are rich in anticancer properties and carotene, which has proven to prevent tumor development in some. She later described this ordeal in detail in a book titled Curing Cancer with Carrots. So if you’re diagnosed with cancer, don’t lose hope and be open to potential remedies. It may or may not work for everyone, but natural cures like this are worth a try.

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