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“5 Proven Habits of the World’s Richest People”

Ever wondered why do the rich keep getting richer? Most of the time, it’s not because of luck. It’s not because of the family they were born into. It’s not because they won the lottery. Wealthy people simply do things differently It may not seem fair, but the fact is the “income gap” is increasing and most financial experts only see this trend continuing with no end in sight. In preparation for this column, I sat down with someone who knows far more wealthy people than I will likely ever meet: Jeff Rose. Rose is a certified financial planner,...

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“The Surprising Secret to Raising a Well-Behaved Kid”

  My friend Emily has four amazingly well-behaved children. They put their toys away when she tells them to, go to bed without a fuss, and even settle their own disputes. I actually witnessed her 3-year-old son calmly ask for a truck back from a friend who had yanked it out of his hands. Kids Can Discipline Themselves Emily admits that her children have their moments — “They are kids, after all!” — but says that real discipline challenges are few and far between. “What’s your secret?” I once asked, hoping she could impart some much-needed wisdom. “Threatening them...

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“10 Ways to Live Longer and Better” – A Doctor Shares His Best Tips

“People don’t grow old…. when they stop growing they become old” – Anonymous Something remarkable is happening. We are living longer lives than at any time in history — and not just a little longer — a lot longer. In 1900, the average life expectancy for an American was about 46 years; it is now approaching 80. That’s average life expectancy. Many of us are living well beyond 80 to even 100 years old and more! The fact that so many of us are living longer is wonderful. Yet, with advancing age comes a greater potential for conditions associated...

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“14 Proven Ways to Make People Like You”

We all care about what others think of us and want to be liked (despite what rebellious 15-year-old you might have said). The basics of getting people to like you are obvious–be nice, be considerate, be a decent human being. Those things are all true. However, there are also many smaller, more discreet things you can do that can have a huge effect on how others perceive you. Most of these tips are little techniques you can implement every day. They may seem insignificant or even silly, but give them a try and you might find yourself becoming exponentially...

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“8 Biggest Reasons Why Couples Fall Out of Love”

  Falling out of love; it happens to the best of us. It has its reasons and usually one of the two partners are to blame. Whether you’re in a relationship, engaged to be married or already married with 3 kids and 10 marital years under the belt, let’s take a look at some reasons why couples fall out of love: The Partners Were ‘Someone Else’ At First When we are in the initial stage of any relationship, the phase where we are exploring each other’s personalities, we often put up certain pretenses to be more likeable, which can...

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